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cADas 20

Calibration system for driver assistance systems - upgradeable for radar systems

Professional and safe camera and radar calibration at manufacturer level for all modern assistance systems. Multi-brand diagnosis with the existing OBD testers. 

Graue Schwebe

The cADas 20 is : 


Whether targets, radar systems, accessories - thanks to the modular design, you can adapt the cADas Centerline to your needs

Space Saving

The system only needs approx 0.5 m² footprint


In a price comparison to other ADAS systems, the cADas Centerline does very well

Strong performance at a fair price

Suitable for Trucks

Due to the large adjustment range of the board height, vehicles with high-lying camera systems can also be calibrated without any problems

Calibration system - Can be combined with existing laser wheel alignment systems:

Depending on the equipment, most camera and radar systems can be calibrated.


You select the calibration panels individually.


We can print the front and back of the calibration panels to your specification.


By using existing systems, the system can be rated as sustainable.


MT01 (VAG)

- VW

- Audi

- Seat

- Skoda

- usw.

Our Target Range

In order for the camera systems of a vehicle to be calibrated according to the manufacturer's OEM specifications, the cADas systems require brand-specific calibration boards. These targets are available optionally or as individual sets.

Download - Brochure

cADas 20 Brochure

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