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Driving axis angle/geometric driving axis

Updated: May 2, 2023

Chassis adjustment is increasingly becoming a complex issue. Quickly adjusting the overall toe on the front axle and moving the steering wheel is a thing of the past.

But even trained automotive experts are often unaware of the major impact of the deviation of the driving axle angle of the rear axle from the vehicle centerline.

The sensor and lighting systems of modern vehicles often extend far in front of the vehicle.

A skewed position of the rear axle is corrected by "countersteering". After all, you still want to stay on the road. This in turn means that the chassis and body do not move in exactly the same direction. The body with all its internals is, so to speak, at an angle to the chassis.

Here pictures to better understand the facts:

Drive straight ahead, driving angle = FZ center line

Rear axle crooked

Rear axle skewed, driver steers against rear axle, headlights (laser) set to FC center.

Rear axle crooked, driver steers against rear axle, headlights (laser) adjusted to driving axle

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