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Laser Wheel Aligner
Agraline AS10

The wheel aligner AS10 is a mains-independent wheel aligner for tractors and agricultural machinery. Due to the compact transport case, robust quality and uncomplicated use, it is particularly suitable for mobile use.

Wheel Alignment on tractor

Wheel Aligner for tractors

Features of the AS10:

Robust Quality

- Guaranteed long-term Usability

The two measuring heads of the AS10 are made of drop-proof solid aluminum and equipped with two swiveling, battery-operated diode lasers.

Wheel Aligner on Wheel
Wheel Aligner in Transport Box

Compact Storage

- Perfect for Transport

The wheel aligner AS10 is delivered in a sturdy wooden case and can easily be taken anywhere.

Magnetic Spacers

- Easy Mounting at the Rim

The magnetic spacers make it extremely easy to mount the laser measuring unit on the rim. Suitable for a rim diameter of min. 16°, max. 70°, with an offset of max. 540 mm.

Wheel Aligner in Use Close Up
Turntables for tractors

Optional: Turntables

- Especially for agricultural machinery

The dirt-resistant turntables are especially suitable for agricultural machinery. The two-part turntables are placed in front of the front wheels for driving on. The rotating plates reduce the turning forces when steering to a minimum.

Wheel alignment of various harvest vehicles, tractors and trailers

Icons verschiedener Traktoren

The Wheel Alignment Process:

The steering axle can be centered in relation to the rear axle. Attachments and the front hydraulics do not interfere with the measuring process.

The wheel aligner AS10 impresses with the simple mounting of the measuring head on the rim.

The exact measurement and adjustment of the steering axle is done in approx. 5 minutes.

Can be operated independently of the measuring station without lifting in 1-man operation.

Scope of Delivery of the AS10:

2x measuring heads, each with 1 battery-operated diode laser (class II)

1 set of magnetic spacers short

1 set of magnetic spacers long

2x adjustable magnetic fall protection

1x track scale

2x magnetic scales

1x battery charger

1x user manual

1x quick user manual

1x stable transport case made of multiplex

Optional Equipment:

Turntables DP Terra 

  • Galvanized, 2-part turntable with a diameter of 500 mm

  • Dirt-resistant design without ball bearings

  • particularly suitable for rough workshop use

  • load 6 tons per wheel; 1 set = 2 pieces.

  • Item number 3518

Technical Specifications:

The following values ​​can be determined with Agraline AS10:

  • total track

  • steering cylinder 

  • offset

  • axle tilt

  • rear steering

  • Axle position to the attachment point (withaccessories)

  • rear steering


For rims up to 70", 55 cm offset and 375 mm planetary gear height

Mobiledue to battery technology

Downloads and Product Request:

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