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-Wheel Aligners for Cars

Below you will find an overview of our product range of wheel aligners for cars.

3D-Wheel Aligner


The innovative AUTOSNAP 3D is a 3D wheel aligner with lift developed by WMS Wagner and manufactured in Germany. It is characterized by its user-friendly design with various functions such as autotracking, automatic obstacle detection and KBA number search.

Autosnap 3D.png

CCD-Wheel Aligner
Carline CL101-2S

The Carline CL101-2S is a wireless car wheel aligner with eight high-precision sensors, an extensive database with regular updates and Bluetooth data transmission for maximum flexibility and competence.

Achsmessgerät für PKWs CL 101-2S

Laser-Wheel Aligner
Carline CL20

The wheel aligner CL20 has a specially developed quick-clamping device on the measuring head, which ensures quick and damage-free clamping. In addition, the CL20 offers an extensive database and a user-friendly aligner program. In addition, the wheel aligner does not require a power connection, so measurements can be taken anywhere.

Achsmessgerät für PKWs CL20

Which device suits your needs? 

Still not sure which device is right for you? We are happy to help! You can reach us by phone or email. 

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