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Laser Wheel Aligner
Carline CL20

The wheel aligner CL20 has a specially developed quick-clamping device on the measuring head, which ensures quick and damage-free clamping. In addition, the wheel aligner does not require a power connection, so measurements can be taken anywhere.

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Wheel Aligner CL20 in Use

Wheel Aligner for Cars

Features of the CL20:

Measuring Head with Quick Clamping Device

- Securely Clamped

The specially developed measuring head combines the advantages of 2 clamping methods: on the one hand the speed of spring tensioning and on the other hand the controllability of spindle tensioning. Guaranteed damage-free, since only plastic parts are in contact with the rim. Tensioning takes place via the tensioning hooks independently of the profile grooves on the tire cover.

Wheel Aligner CL20 in use
Transducer of Wheel Aligner with Turntables and drive on ramp

No Power Connection needed

- Mobile use

With the CL20, you can effortlessly record all relevant driving axis values, and all without a power connection. With the wheel alignment with the CL20 you are completely free, because the wheel aligner is wireless.

Magnetic Axis Scale

- Flexible und Quick

The magnetic axis scale can be quickly and easily attached to the wheel bolts. This design also allows attachment to lowered vehicles.

Magnetic Axis Scale for Wheel Aligner
Turntable with Drive-on Ramp

Turntables and Ramps

- Short Set-up Time

The turntables are placed in front of the wheels for driving on. The rotating plates reduce the turning forces when steering to a minimum, which prevents the measured values ​​from being falsified. The turntable is chromated and has a maximum load capacity of 1000 kg. Ramps are included for easy access to the turntables.

Optional: Wheel Alignment Blocks

- For comfortability while working

Weight-optimized wheel alignment blocks with integrated sliding plates on the rear axle for relaxed work. When using the wheel alignment blocks, the rotating plates are placed on the front blocks.

Wheel Alignment Blocks

Wheel alignment on 2-post lift and other platforms or pits


2-post platforms


Lane scissor lifts


Underfloor stages


Compact scissor lifts


4-post stage

The Wheel Alignment Process:

Adjusting the front axle (e.g. after changing the tie rods)

Attaching the measuring heads to the steering axle to adjust the front axle (e.g. after replacing the track rod) 

Adjustment is made in relation to the rear axle

Complete measurement:

First attach the measuring heads to the rear axle

Then attach the measuring heads to the front axle

Adjustment according to geo-travel axis possible

Scope of Delivery of the CL20:

2x measuring heads, each with a swiveling, battery-operated diode laser

1x set of magnetic scales

1x track scale

2x specially mounted, galvanized turntables (max. 1000 kg)

2x galvanized ramps

1x electronic inclinometer with quick clamping device

1x steering wheel lock

1x brake lock

1x measurement report (Excel file)

1x manual digital

1x wall mount

Optional Equipment:

Wheel Alignment Blocks (1 set = 4 pieces)

  • Wheel alignment blocks with integrated sliding plates at the rear.

  • Steel powder-coated, 400 mm tall (upper edge of turntable), 700 kg load capacity

  • Item number 1569


  • For driving onto the turntables

  • Item number 7723

Combiniation with cADas Centerline

  • For calibrating driver assistance systems after wheel alignment

  • Item number 4100

Technical Specifications:

The following values can be determined with Carline CL20:

  • fall

  • trailing

  • wheel offset

  • Geometric driving axis

  • steering wheel center position

  • total track

  • single track

  • offset

  • axle tilt

  • axis

  • driving axis angle

Read if interested in our blog about the relevant driving axis values.

Downloads und Product Request:

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