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-Wheel Aligners for Trucks

Below you will find an overview of our product range of wheel aligners for trucks, busses, trailers and special vehicles.

Truckline TL100

With the CL20, the axis adjustment is carried out from axis to axis. The initial measurement can be carried out in the driving state. Due to its well thought-out design, there are only low operating costs and follow-up costs after purchasing the CL20. 

Achsmessgerät für LKWs TL100

Laser Wheel Aligner
Truckline TL20

Do you mostly measure commercial vehicles with steel rims, rarely with aluminum rims? The advent of surveying is manageable? Budget limited? Then the TL20 laser wheel aligner is a cheap alternative. The measuring process remains the same as with the TL10.

Achsmessgerät für LKWs TL20

Laser Wheel Aligner
Truckline TL10

Suitable for calibrating driver assistance cameras and radar systems. Competent in use for transporters, trucks, buses, semi-trailers and trailers. Suitable for trucks with multiple steering axles.

Achsmessgerät für LKWs TL10

Which device suits your needs? 

Still not sure which device is right for you? We are happy to help! You can reach us by phone or email. 

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