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ADAS Calibration

Reliable and precise ADAS calibration with the cADas series

The ADAS calibration systems from WMS Wagner enable professional and safe camera and radar calibration for all modern driver assistance systems at manufacturer level.


Why does your workshop need an ADAS calibration system?

More and more vehicle models are equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). These are safety-relevant driver assistance systems such as distance control, lane departure warning or blind spot assistant. The sensors of these driver assistance systems must be calibrated, for example, after replacing the windshield or removing the bumper / front carrier. Therefore, to repair and maintain these modern vehicles, you need a reliable, accurate, and adaptable ADAS calibration system. So that you can calibrate a wide range of vehicles, we have developed the calibration systems of the cADas series, with an extensive range of calibration panels according to manufacturer specifications. ​


What advantages does a calibration system from WMS Wagner offer?

  • Reliable and precise calibration solutions according to manufacturer specifications for various models and producers

  • Meets all calibration tolerances according to OEM standards

  • Optimal calibration results by compensating for rim runout and mounting errors

  • Can be combined with all common diagnostic testers


With our calibration systems, you are well equipped to ensure that the driver assistance systems in your customers' vehicles are set correctly and function reliably. ​


- Your competent partner for ADAS calibration.

Classic ADAS-Calibration-System
cADas Centerline

The cADas Centerline is a universal ADAS calibration device for cars and vans. It has a target height of 95 to 185 cm, is highly precise, space-saving and mobile thanks to swiveling feet. In the basic equipment, camera systems can be calibrated in relation to the center of the vehicle.

ADAS Kalibriersystem cADas Centerline

Digital ADAS-Calibration-System
cADas Screen

The cADas Screen is the latest addition to our cADas range. The 75" high-resolution monitor enables the undistorted display of the targets in their original size according to OEM specifications. The Auto-Height, Target Select and Digital Positioning functions enable a particularly user-friendly application.

ADAS Kalibriersystem cADas Screen

Targets for ADAS-Calibration
Calibration Targets

For the cADas Centerline we offer targets according to manufacturer specifications for various producers. The calibration charts are characterized by their high resilience, as they are printed on Alu-Dibond with particularly scratch-resistant UV ink. The boards are available as individual sets.

Kalibriertafeln für ADAS Kalibriersysteme
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