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CCD Wheel Aligner
Carline CL101-2S

The Carline CL101-2S is a wireless car wheel aligner with eight high-precision sensors, an extensive database with regular updates and Bluetooth data transmission for maximum flexibility and competence.

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Wheel Aligner CL101-2S

Wheel Aligner for Cars

Features of the CL101-2S: 

Special design

- Intelligent design

The patented design of the measuring sensors prevents the measuring beam from being interrupted by the lifting arm of the lifting platform during wheel alignment.

Sensor of a wheel alignment device
Aligner Program Homepage

Database and Aligner Program

- User-friendly and Competent

The WMS vehicle database enables a vehicle selection via KBA number search for a quick determination of the required axle values. The program is operated using an easy-to-learn 6-button system. Thanks to our extensive database with four updates per year and integrated spoiler program, you are always up to date.

BT-Mode and Workplace Memory Function

- Flexible during and after measurement

Data transmission in secured BT-mode ensures independence during wheel alignment. Thanks to the memory function for up to four different wheel alignment stations, you can also flexibly change your workplace between wheel alignments.

Workplace storage function of an wheel alignment program
Sensor of a wheel aligner


- Always accurate measurement results

The high-resolution sensors of the wheel aligner guarantee precise wheel alignment results.

Optional: Wall Console

- Work surface and storage

The wall console creates a space-saving work area with an integrated charging station. The wall console offers storage space for the brake lock, steering wheel lock and steering wheel scale.

Wheel alignment on 2-post lift and other platforms or pits


2-post platforms


Lane scissor lifts


Underfloor stages


Compact scissor lifts


4-post stage

Measurement while driving - setting raised

The Wheel Alignment Process:

With the wheel alignment computer Carline CL101-2S, the vehicle is first measured completely standing on the ground (initial measurement).

The chassis values determined are "frozen".

The vehicle is then raised to any working height.

Then the measured values are released and the setting is carried out in the target/actual value comparison (red-green display).

Wheel alignment when raised is made possible by the special design of the measuring sensors. The measuring sensors, which are protected by patent, ensure that the measuring beam is not interrupted by the lifting arm of the lifting platform. The special design of the sensors allows the use on 2-post lifts with a clear width > 2550 mm, but of course also on all other lifts.

Almost all vehicles can be measured immediately without further preparation. That saves time!

In addition, damage to the chassis and the steering can be easily detected by adjusting the lifted position.

The WMS vehicle database with selection of vehicles via KBA number search is particularly user-friendly and enables the required axle values to be determined quickly.

Scope of delivery of the CL101-2S:

1x gray trolley with doors and cover plate

1x wheel alignment computer CL101-2S with 4 sensors with wireless data transmission

1x 19" color monitor with A4 color printer

1x wheel alignment software

1x vehicle database with KBA number selection and setting aid images

1x charging and transmission cable (2x5 m, 2x10 m)

1x steering wheel scale

1x steering wheel lock

1x brake lock

1 set (= 4 pieces) four-point wheel holder RH4/4 (clamping on the rim flange), including 4 wheel holder mounts for attachment to the equipment cabinet

1 set (= 2 pieces) rotary plates DSP1000

Optional Equipment:

Wheel holder RH 3-4:

  • Measurement while driving without ROC (RunOutCompensation) on sensitive rims

  • Item number 1529

Sliding plate SP 1000H:

  • 50 mm high, suitable for DSP 1000

  • Item number 1524


Rotating and sliding plate DSP 26: 

  • only 26 mm high with loading aid - easily passable

  • Item number 1523


Sliding plate SP 26H:

  • only 26 mm high with drive-on aid - easy to drive on, suitable for DSP 26

  • Item number 1527


Cover hood:

  • To protect against dirt and dust

  • Item number 1568


Wall console:

  • Standing workstation with space-saving storage for steering wheel locks, brake locks and steering wheel scales

  • Item number 1486

Technical Specifications:

The following values can be determined with Carline CL101-2S:

  • fall

  • trailing

  • wheel offset

  • Geometric driving axis

  • steering wheel center position

  • total track

  • single track

  • offset

  • axle tilt

  • axis

  • driving axis angle

Read if interested in our blog about the relevant driving axis values.

Electrical connection: 230 VAC 1ph 50/60 Hz​

Track width 1219 – 2438 mm

Wheelbase up to 6500mm

24" TFT display

Downloads und Product Request:

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