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cADas Screen

Calibration system for driver assistance systems - upgradeable for radar systems

Professional and safe camera and radar calibration at manufacturer level for all modern assistance systems. Multi-brand diagnosis with the existing OBD testers. 

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ADAS Kalibriersystem cADas Screen
Funktion Target Select des ADAS Kalibriersystems cADas Screen

Target Select

- Automatic target selection

The required calibration table can be displayed immediately with a simple click. No long, complicated assembly, no space-consuming storage and guaranteed no damage to the targets.

Digital Positioning 

- Assisted positioning 

The distance values are displayed digitally and can therefore be documented. You have both hands free to move the target carrier into the correct position.

Funktion Digital Positioning des ADAS Kalibriersystems cADas Screen
Funktion Auto Height des ADAS Kalibriersystems cADas Screen


- Automatic height adjustment 

The electric telescopic lifting columns on the mobile target carrier automatically control the appropriate target height after entering the measurement data. The height of modified chassis can be adjusted manually by pressing a button.


Software-controlled positioning of the target holder with buttons for manually adjusting the height of lowered vehicles

Space Saving

Digital targets do not require any space and cannot be soiled or damaged


Digital target change with a push of a button

Digital targets are immediately available via download


Acoustically supported alignment of the cross line laser with laser receiver

Easy Height Adjustment 

Höheneinstellung des ADAS Kalibriersystems cADas Screen

Software-controlled positioning of the target holder, additional manual adjustment

Cross Line Laser System

Kreuzlinienlaser des ADAS Kalibriersystems cADas Screen

acoustically assisted laser alignment

Optional equipment for cADas Screen

Passive Radar Reflector

Bedienungsmodul der ADAS Kalibriersystems cADas Screen

The Posttool is an electronic real-time measuring system for distance and height. This allows the documentation of the measured values to be saved and the measured values to be assigned for calibration. The important vehicle values are supplied by our database.

Lidar Calibration Target


Available as an optional accessory for easy positioning of various calibration tools. An acoustic signal enables easy positioning in one-man operation.

Passive Radar Reflector

Passiv Radarreflektor für cADas Screen

Radar systems can also be calibrated using an angle-adjustable reflection panel (MT20-R1). This is possible in connection with the "geometric axis" accessory set.

Trust Line

Erweiterungsset Geo-Fahrachse cADas Screen

Options for determining the geo driving axis:

  • In combination with CL 101-2S

  • Stand-alone with integrated laser and scale mirror units

  • In combination with laser wheel alignment systems

Lidar Calibration Target

Lidar Kalibriertafel

Calibration target for lidar scanners

Datenbank des cADas Screen
Digitale Targetauswahl des cADas Screen

Our Target Range

In order for the camera systems of a vehicle to be calibrated according to the manufacturer's OEM specifications, the cADas systems require brand-specific calibration boards. With the cADas Screen, these targets are digital.

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