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Laser Wheel Aligner
Truckline TL10

The versatile and mains-independent laser wheel aligner Truckline TL10 is characterized by its easy handling. It is competently used for transporters, trucks, buses, semi-trailers and trailers. Can also be used for trucks with multiple steering axles.

Licht und Schatten
Transducer of Wheel Aligner TL10

Wheel Aligner for Trucks

Features of the TL10

Fastening of the Wheel Holders

- Quick and Damage-Free

The wheel holders are magnetically attached to steel rims. A special clamp is available for clamping on aluminum rims.

Transducer of TL10 in Use
Truck Wheels

Large Range of Applications

- Flexible and Mobile

The wheel aligner TL10 is suitable for versatile use on vans, trucks, buses, semi-trailers, trailers and other vehicles. Trucks with multiple steering axles can also be measured with the TL10. The wheel alignment can be carried out on any flat surface without a power connection.

Robust and Dirt-Resistant

- For longterm usability

The TL 10 has a stable three-point holder made of aluminum and dirt-resistant rotating plates especially for trucks and similar vehicles.

Transducer of TL10
Transducer of Wheel Aligner TL10


- Determination of all relevant values

With the wheel alignment device TL10 you can record all chassis-specific values ​​relevant for the axle adjustment. Trucks are measured in relation to the frame. In the case of semi-trailers, the measurement is carried out in relation to the kingpin and in the case of trailers in relation to the towing eye. The vehicle does not have to be raised and remains in driving condition (no wheel runout compensation required).

Optional: Car-Kit

- Extension to car wheel alignment

With the car kit, you can also use the TL10 for wheel alignment on cars. The kit contains six basic adapters, six steel rim adapters, six aluminum rim adapters, six transporter extensions, four tensioning hooks, a steering wheel lock, a brake lock and two magnetic scales.

Car-Kit for Truck Wheel Aligner
Galvanized turntable for trucks

Optional: Turntables

- Especially suitable for harsh environment

DP Eco and Pro turntables are available for the TL10. Both variants are galvanized and dirt-resistant. The DP Eco have a simple design without ball bearings, while the DP Pro is equipped with ball bearings and an integrated stainless steel scale with vernier. Ramps are also available for the DP Pro.

Optional: Semi-Trailer and Trailer Scale ALS

- Short or Long

The semi-trailer and trailer scales are available in short and long versions. They are adjustable and foldable and are attached to the king pin of the trailer or in the towing eye of the trailer.

Trailer scale of a wheel aligner

The Wheel Alignment Process:

The three crucial values total toe (tie rod), steering gear center position (connecting rod) and tilt of the rear axle(s) can be checked and adjusted within a few minutes. The setting is made to the middle of the frame. 

Fast, easy, versatile. Whether on a tractor, four-axle vehicle, semi-trailer, trailer or bus. Truckline is always the right choice - at almost any location and independent of the network. 

With the accessory set for TL10, cars with aluminum rims can also be measured and adjusted. 

The vehicle does not have to be raised and remains in driving condition (no wheel runout compensation necessary). Handling is very easy. 

The measurement of semi-trailers is carried out in relation to the king pin - for trailers to the towing eye.

Truck Wheel Aligner in Use


The measuring head is magnetically attached to the steel rim. Attachment to aluminum rims is possible with special clamps.

Quick and easy assembly is guaranteed. The laser unit of the measuring head can be swiveled. The laser unit is powered by rechargeable batteries.

Scope of Delivery of the TL10:

2x measuring heads, each with

1x swiveling, battery-powered diode laser

1 set of magnetic spacers short

1 set of magnetic spacers long

2 pieces of specially mounted, galvanized swivel/slide plates with brakes

1x track scale

2x magnetic scales

1x electronic inclinometer with quick clamping device

1x battery charger

1x measurement log file

1x user manual

1x stable, mobile storage cabinet with service stand

Optional Equipment:


  • Contents:

    • 6x basic adapters,

    • 6x steel rim adapters,

    • 6x aluminium rim adapters,

    • 6x transporter extensions,

    • 4x tension hooks,

    • 1x steering wheel lock,

    • 1x brake lock,

    • 2x magnetic scales

  • Item number 2526


Semi-Trailer and Trailer Scale ALS, short

  • Adjustable, foldable scale for attaching to the kingpin of the trailer or in the towing eye of the trailer

  • Item number 2531


Semi-Trailer and Trailer Scale ALS, long

  • Adjustable, foldable scale for attaching to the kingpin of the trailer or in the towing eye of the trailer

  • Item number 2527


Additional turntables DP Eco truck (1 set = 2 pieces)

  • Additional turntables galvanized, two-piece turntable, simple design without ball bearings, dirt-resistant, particularly suitable for harsh environments

  • Item number 2523


Turntable DP Pro Truck (one piece)

  • Turntable for TL10 (one piece); high-quality, galvanized version with special ball bearing and integrated stainless steel scale with vernier

  • Item number 2525


Ramps truck (1 set = 2 pieces)

  • Ramps for driving on the turntables DP pro

  • Item number 2528

Technical Specifications:

The following values ​​can be determined with TL10:

  • fall

  • trailing

  • wheel offset

  • steering wheel gear center

  • total track

  • single track

  • offset

  • axle tilt

  • axis driving

  • axis angle


Battery operated with 230V charger

Download and Product Request:

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