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Laser Wheel Aligner
Truckline TL20

Do you mostly measure commercial vehicles with steel rims, rarely with aluminum rims? The advent of surveying is manageable? Budget limited? Then the TL20 laser wheel aligner is a cheap alternative. The measuring process remains the same as with the TL10.

Licht und Schatten

Wheel Aligner for Trucks

And this is how it works : 

Each axle is measured in relation to the vehicle frame. This means that several axes can be set to the same reference plane.


Total track, camber, wheel slant and wheel offset are measured on rigid axles and adjusted if necessary.

Depending on the vehicle, the tie rod and push rod are adjusted on steering axles. Or the single track with split tie rods.

Likewise, the blocked position can be used as a lane bisector when driving on the road.

In production, they are often attached directly to the wheel hub without the wheels installed.

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