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3D Wheel Aligner

The innovative AUTOSNAP 3D is a 3D wheel aligner with lift developed by WMS Wagner and manufactured in Germany. It is characterized by its user-friendly design with various functions such as autotracking, automatic obstacle detection and KBA number search.

Available for purchase August 2024.

Wheel Aligner for Cars

Features of the AUTOSNAP 3D: 

Innovative Target-Technology

- Safely Calibrated

Our newly developed target technology allows the use of non-specifically calibrated targets for optimal measurement results. Since the targets are recalibrated with each measurement, minor damage can be easily compensated for. This means you will receive exact measurement results even after long-term use of the targets.

Made in Germany

- From Conception to Production

The AUTOSNAP 3D was developed entirely in Germany from conception to completion. As a company, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive approach to product quality, where all development, design and manufacturing processes are carefully carried out in Germany. Thanks to our central development and production approach, we can always guarantee short delivery times and fast, competent support.

Nahaufnahme eines 3D-Achsmessgeräts mit "Made in Germany"-Aufschrift
Ein Tastenmodul zum Einstellen der Höhe des Kamerabalkens des 3D-Achsmessgeräts

Autotracking and intelligent Obstacle Detection

- Automatic Target tracking

The automatic target tracking function Autotracking ensures particularly time-saving wheel alignment with the AUTOSNAP 3D. The camera lift automatically tracks the target targets on the vehicle tires. In addition to the independent positioning of the camera beam, it is equipped with an automatic obstacle detection function. In addition, the AUTOSNAP 3D is equipped with a button module that enables manual height adjustment.

Intuitive Wheel Alignment Software and Extensive Database

- With KBA-Number Search 

With the intuitive user interface of the new wheel alignment software, measurement with the AUTOSNAP 3D can be carried out quickly and easily. The vehicle selection in our extensive vehicle database is shortened using the search function using the KBA number. In addition, the exact positioning of the mobile wheel alignment device is supported by the display on the screen. If the image capture of the target target is interrupted by an obstacle, a display on the screen informs the user.

Ein Monitor mit Tastatur und Maus zur Bedienung der Achsmesssoftware des 3D-Achsmessgeräts
Kamera in Metallgehäuse am Kamerabalken vom 3D-Achsmessgerät

High-resolution Cameras

- 6.4 Megapixels for Maximum Precision

The AUTOSNAP 3D is equipped with two special cameras with 6.4 megapixels to generate images. The cameras are protected by a metal housing and optional dust protection. The high-resolution cameras always produce precise measurement results.

Optional Equipment to the AUTOSNAP 3D: 

Tablet or Large Monitor

- Via Bluetooth-Connection

Optionally, a tablet can be connected to the wheel alignment system for display and control. The image transmission of the alignment data can also be carried out via a large wall-mounted monitor via Bluetooth transmission. With these extensions, we offer tailor-made solutions to meet the diverse requirements of modern automotive service providers.

Tablet freigestellt.png
Drehplatte mit Auffahrkeilen


- For Rolling Runout Compensation

For rolling rim runout compensation on level roads, we also offer the ROC set of rotating and sliding plate sets. This means that rolling rim runout compensation can be carried out without lifting the vehicle.

Technical Specifications:

  • Wheelbase: 4.2 m

  • Rim flange distance 2.08 m

  • High lifting and lowering speed of the camera lift (70 mm / sec)

  • Stable target carrier made of aluminum

  • Wheel holder as standard up to 24 inches

  • Camera carrier with a width of 240 cm

  • Windows based software on brand-quality PC

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