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Laser Wheel Aligner
Agraline AS20

The Agraline AS20 is a robust and mains-independent wheel aligner for tractors and agricultural machinery. With the help of a 360° rotatable laser and an electronic inclinometer, all relevant driving axis values ​​can be recorded.

Wheel Aligner AS20

Wheel Aligner for Tractors

Features of the AS20:

Robust Quality

- Guaranteed long-term Usability

The stable measuring sensor made of solid material (aluminium) and dirt-resistant turntables especially for agricultural machinery guarantee many years of usability.

Transducer of Wheel Aligner
Wheel Aligner in Use Close Up

360° laser and Electronic Inclinometer

- Precision and Competence

The wheel alignment is carried out using a 360° rotatable laser and electronic inclinometer for camber and caster. In this way, all relevant driving axis values ​​can be collected quickly and easily.

User-Friendly Application

- Quick and Mobile

The tractor can simply be driven onto the turntables. The measuring head is attached to the rim with 3 eccentric magnets each. A special wheel alignment station does not have to be set up, as no external power supply is required.

Wheel Aligner used on Tractor
Turntable for Tractor

Optional: Accessory Kit Truck

- Extension to truck wheel alignment

With the truck kit you can upgrade the AS20 for wheel alignment of trucks. The kit includes two long magnet scales, two sets of short eccentric magnets (1 set = 3 pieces), two sets of long eccentric magnets and a set of turntables DP Eco truck.

Ideal for wheel alignment of harvesters, tractors, tridem trailers, tandem trailers and all-wheel drive vehicles

Icons verschiedener Traktoren

The Wheel Alignment Process:

Rocking of the vehicle, especially in a speed range of 38-42 km/h, can often be traced back to an incorrectly set track in addition to the wheels being out of round. 

Due to the relatively low tire pressure, the tire "builds up" when driving on the road. Depending on the tracking error, the tire is pushed inwards (toe-in) or outwards (toe-out). This flexing causes the lugs to be washed out and the tire to suddenly relax at the next "high" point. Thus, the dynamic out-of-roundness is much larger than the static one.

Flat plates and hard tire spots also have a supporting effect on rocking.

Scope of Delivery of the AS20:

2x extremely torsion-resistant measuring heads with magnetic 3-point system and battery-operated diode laser (class II, 360° swivelling)

2 sets of eccentric magnet spacers with neodymium magnets

1x track scale

2x turntables terra (2-part, 500 mm diameter, 6 to wheel load)

2x adjustable magnetic scales

2x deflection scales for recording caster and toe difference angle

1x electronic inclinometer for camber and caster measurement

1x user manual

1x Quick User Guide

1x PC measurement log on USB stick for camber and caster measurement

Optional Equipment:

Accessory Kit Truck:

  • Contents:

    • 2x magnetic scales, long,

    • 2 sets of short eccentric magnets (1 set = 3 pieces),

    • 2 sets of long eccentric magnets,

    • 1 set DP Eco LKW

  • Item number 3520

Technical Specifications:

The following values ​​can be determined with Agraline AS20:

  • total track

  • steering cylinder

  • fall

  • trailing

  • offset

  • axle tilt

  • rear steering

  • Axle position to the attachment point (with accessories)

  • multiple axes

  • toe difference angle


For rims up to 70", 55 cm offset and 245 mm planetary set height (accessories up to 320 mm available)

Mobile due to battery operation

Downloads and Product Request:

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