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What is wheel alignment?

Updated: May 2, 2023

Explanation and advantages

During wheel alignment, all wheels are optimally aligned on the vehicle. This brings with it positive properties. For example, it not only minimizes tire wear, but also maximizes ride comfort. Furthermore, the

rolling noise of the tires can be reduced and the smooth running of the vehicle improved. Reduced tire wear also means lower fuel consumption, which of course also has a positive financial impact for your workshop customers. The lower fuel consumption also makes driving much more environmentally friendly. The last and most important advantage is of course that the safety of your customers is increased.

Reasons for wheel alignment

The camber and toe of a vehicle axle can change, for example, if you hit a curb, drive through a pothole at high speed, or wear out suspension components. In extreme cases, the steering wheel is crooked when you drive straight ahead.



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