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ASP presents the new 3D wheel aligner from WMS

We are looking forward to releasing our innovative, self-developed 3D wheel aligner AUTOSNAP 3D in May 2024. On this occasion, Dietmar Winkler, editor-in-chief of asp Auto Service Praxis, visited us to take a closer look at the 3D wheel aligner.

The report discusses the numerous user-friendly functions of the AUTOSNAP 3D. The 3D wheel aligner is characterized by an intuitive user interface with an extensive database and KBA number search. When developing the AUTOSNAP 3D, we always had peak usability in mind. In this way, the wheel alignment device supports the user during positioning and informs them if the image capture of the 3D-target is interrupted. Thanks to the autotracking function, the camera lift automatically tracks the 3D- targets. The device also stops the lifting movement when an obstacle is detected to avoid damage. The high-resolution images are generated using two special cameras with 6.4 megapixels.

An outstanding feature is the innovative positioning of the cameras and 3D-targets, which makes it possible to set up a wheel alignment service station even at older four-post lifts and similarly narrow workstations.

Read the full report here.

A woman, Antonia Wagner, and two men, Dominik and Franz Wagner, stand next to the AUTOSNAP 3D wheel aligner.
Antonia (Marketing & Organizational Development), Dominik (Software Development) and Franz Wagner (CEO). © Foto: Dietmar Winkler

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