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No special measuring station required!
Efficient in the direction of security:
Wheel alignment system CL101-2S


With our wheel aligners you go on the service offensive

Make a wise decision for the future!

​The WMS product series for  carstruck  and  tractors  to our most innovative wheel aligners ever to mature. They are reliable, fast, accurate and uncomplicated to use - exactly what is important for you in daily use!

An axle measuring device from WMS is...

Your competitive advantage

The PLUS of security and service for satisfied customers and those who are to become one.

Can do more than others!

Your security

In an emergency, keep yourself free from damage after repairs relevant to the chassis.

Thanks to track checks and documentation!

Your service for modern vehicles

Chassis settings that are becoming more sensitive need workshops that have what it takes.

Serve the market reliably!

Your potential for tomorrow

Chassis settings that are becoming more sensitive need workshops that have what it takes.

Look ahead!

Take the best from us

Price advantage

They don't want to pay for big names, but they also know that quality comes at a price.
Most of the time, the lowest price is not the best choice. Functionality and user friendliness make our wheel alignment systems a guarantee of income.

Quality advantage

Delivering the best quality is our own claim. We achieve this through a high level of vertical integration, targeted component selection, regular quality control and short response times with high availability.

Speed advantage

We rely on speed in both application and service. The simple structure and the quick vehicle selection (KBA number) saves time and money.

Service advantage

We are also there for you after your purchase. Even the best technology needs to be repaired. Only at this point does it often become apparent whether you have made the right purchase decision. Our service employees guarantee short response times and, if necessary, also provide you with loan transducers.

Good journey for your customers

He likes to get back in his car.
Now with maximum driving safety and minimum tire wear!

The wheel aligners from WMS stand for quality  Made in Germany ”, for flexibility in production and for precision that you can feel.

Incorrectly adjusted or not adjusted undercarriages often cause poor driving behavior. Eliminate the unsafe driving behavior of the vehicle through precise suspension adjustment. So that your customer likes to drive his vehicle again and enjoys driving.

Feedback from our workshop customers

Survey results (telephone survey among customers who use our wheel alignment systems):

How satisfied are you

with the quality of the wheel aligner?

with the quality of the wheel alignment software?

with the quality of the database?

with the availability / problem solving?

generally with our company?

with the price / performance ratio?








The wheel aligner is very simple and easy to use. The software is also simple. We work with the 
Wheel aligners have been around for about 10 years and are very satisfied. We haven't had a complaint yet.

Autoservice Hein, Andreas Hein, Niedersohren

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